1BZ is a voluntary initiative by 1NGO.

Designed to create a digital presence for entrepreneurs

About Us

Every business needs to speak and engage its customers. Every business needs a digital identity to expand. Every business needs a website. 1bz helps you get there. 1 bz helps solo entrepreneurs and small businesses become digitally active easily with minimal cost and effort. If you want your business to be digitally discoverable, get it touch with 1bz. Beauticians, Plumbers, Spas, shops, event organizers, marketing agencies, sellers on ecommerce sites – any business that needs a digital presence, 1bz can help.


Check our Team

Priya Karnik

Worked in financial services across Citibank and Paytm

Gururaj Potnis

Founder & CEO - HappiDoc - a health care venture

Shravya G.



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4C, Raintree hall, Opp Hockey Stadium, 16, Rhenius Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025


+91 96328 64657

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